I was born in Yauco, Puerto Rico. My passion for realism lead me to pursue my career in fine art.  I completed my Art Education at Cooper School of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio. 

My oil paintings were originally based on a series of objects from my father’s small grocery store. I found that everyday items were in need of a closer look. I was fascinated with painting objects and soon the backgrounds became unimportant to me. I started omitting the background and let the gallery walls serve that purpose. I shaped the canvas to fit the contour of the object involved. 

Like Rosenquist, I had painted mural size billboards for an outdoor media company for many years. Constantly painting on such a large scale had influenced the size of my artwork. I found that size was an important factor on the impact of the viewer. I was also captivated by the abstract quality of something so large when observed up close. My paintings are done in oils and hand brushed to look like it is created with an airbrush technique.   

Recently, I am in the process of investigating paintings shaped in a circular format. I still strive for a three-dimensional feeling even though the painting is a flat surface.  My fascination with realism and the shaped canvas will enable me to envision many new and intriguing paintings. It will be interesting to see how far I can manipulate the shaped facade to create a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional illusion of genuine excitement!

​“Olde English 800”
 Oil on Shaped Canas
 In The Collection of Robert Bledsoe Jr.

​             Jose Luis Quinones Artist Statement