Jose Luis Quinones Curriculum Vitae

 Jose Luis Quinones (b.1949, USA)       216.536.5219   216.536.5238


Cooper School of Art, B.A. 1973
Cleveland Institute of Art, B.F.A. 1977



2017       Reading Public Museum

                Pop Culture: Selections from the Frederick Weisman Foundation

                Reading, Pennsylvania

2017        ARTINFO Virtual Art Exhibition,

2016        ARTINFO Virtual Art Exhibition,

2016        ArtBlend  Fall Exhibit, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

2016        Miami Art Spectrum, Miami, Florida

2015        Best Creatives International, Digital Exhibition 

2014        Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio 

2014        Pop Culture Exhibition, Boca Museum of Art, Boca Raton, Florida

2014 Digital Gallery Exhibition, NYC, New York

2014        ArtSlant New York: Year in Review Show, NYC, New York                                                                                                                                           

2013        Independence Exhibition, Independence, Ohio

2013        Press Release: “Pop Culture,” Online Art Review, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California

2012        Pop Culture Art, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California

2008        Art and Illusion: Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

2008        Art and Illusion: Blue Line Gallery, Roseville, California

2007        Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado

2007        National Arts Exhibition, Kelly Randall Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

2006        34th Pastel Society of America Exhibition, New York City, New York

2005        Eclectic Eye: Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield, California

2005        NEO Exhibition, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

2005        The Eclectic Eye: Selections from Fredrick Weisman Collection, Malibu, California

2005        Solon Fine Arts Center, Solon, Ohio  

2004        Eclectic Eye,” New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, Louisiana

2003        Harriet and Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Los Angeles, California

2003        Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia; Pop and Illusion, Virginia Beach, Virginia

2002        Spring Odyssey Invitational, Walton Hills, Ohio 

2001        Art Metro Grand Opening Exhibition, Cleveland, Ohio

2001        Spring Odyssey Invitational, Walton Hills, Ohio 

2000        Artistes Del Hispanos, Art in the Powerhouse, Cleveland, Ohio

2000        Spring Odyssey Invitational, Walton Hills, Ohio         

2000        FIDM Galleries, Los Angeles, California

2000        Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio

2000        Ohio State Fine Art Juried Exhibition, Cleveland, Ohio

1999        California Center for the Arts, Escondido, California

1998        Frederick Weisman Art Museum, Malibu, California

1997        Western Reserve Artists Association (May 18, 1997) Garfield Heights, Ohio

1997        Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio

1996        Grand Exposition, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

1996        Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio

1995        Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio

1993        Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio

1989        Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio

1988        Ohio Selection Invitational, Dayton, Ohio 

1988        All Ohio Invitational, Canton, Ohio (1979)(1978)(1977) 

1988        Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio

1987        Musee d'Art et Histoire, Fribourg, Switzerland

1987         Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio

1986         Museo Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal

1986         Center National des Artes Plastiques, Paris, France

1986         American Center, Paris, France

1984         Honolulu Academy of the Arts, Hawaii, Hi, USA

1982         Oklahoma Museum of Art, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

1981         Ohio Selection Invitational, Dayton, Ohio

1981         Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio

1981         Ohio Selection Invitational, Dayton, Ohio

1980         Mainstreams National, Marietta, Ohio

1980         Two Person Exhibition, Willoughby School of Fine Arts, Willoughby, Ohio

1980         Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio

1980         Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio

1979         Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

1979         All Ohio Invitational, Canton, Ohio

1979         60th May Show, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

1978         Southern Allegheny Museum Invitational, Loretta, Pennsylvania

1978         59th May Show, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

1978         All Ohio Invitational, Canton, Ohio

1977         May Show, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

1977         NOVA at Park Center 3rd Invitational, Cleveland, Ohio

1977         Exhibition 280, Huntington, West Virginia

1977         All Ohio Invitational, Canton, Ohio        

1976         Garden Court Gallery Invitational at Bratenal Place, Cleveland, Ohio

1976         NOVA at Park Center 2nd Invitational, Cleveland, Ohio

1976         Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

1976         Mainstreams National, Marietta, Ohio

1975         Cleveland Realist Exhibition, Cleveland, Ohio

1975         Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio

1975         Wooster Exhibition, Wooster, Ohio

1975         May Show, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

1974         Exhibition 280, Huntington, West Virginia

1975         56th May Show, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

1973         Halliman Newman Exhibition, Cleveland, Ohio


Awards / Purchase Awards/ Competitions

2013          Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus,Ohio Best in Show

2013          Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio Honorable Mention

2009          Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio Second Place 

2009          Independence Juried Exhibition, Independence,Oh Best in Show

1997          Ohio State Juried Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio Third Place

1996          People’s Choice Award, City Lights Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

1980          Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Oh Honorable Mention

1980          Ohio State Juried Exhibition Columbus, Ohio Third Place

1981          Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Oh Best in Show 

1981          Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Oh Third Place

1979          Baycrafters 17th Annual Juried Art Show Honorable Mention

1976          Mainstreams National, Marietta, Ohio Best in Show

1974          Exhibition 280, Huntington, West Virginia Purchase Award1975          

1973          Halliman Newman Exhibition, Cleveland, Ohio Honorable Mention


Newspaper Articles / On Line Articles / Catalogs / Publications / Television Appearances / Interviews

1973        Dick Wooten: “May Show-a Big Kaleidoscope,” Art Review and Photo, Harvey Wallbanger,
                The Cleveland Press, May 1973

1973        Dick Wooten: “37 Exhibit Religious Art,” Art Review and Photo,  Halliman Newman Exhibit,
                 Cleveland Press, Cle. Oh.

1974        Tom Green: “Lemme Out,” Photo on front page of The Cleveland Press, May 1974

1975        Marjorie Alge: “Gathering at Superior Show,”  The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland
                 Museum of Art, May 1975

1975        1975 May Show has Two CIA Top Winners: The Cleveland Press, May 1975

1975         Catalog: 39th Annual Midyear Show, “Ten Cents a Bunch,” June 29, 1975

1976         Helen Cullinan: ‘Photo Realist Dislikes Labels,” The Cleveland Press, February 1, 1976

1976         Helen Cullinan: “NOVA Scores a Triple Hit,” The Cleveland Press, February 14, 1976

1976         Dick Wooten: “Banana Art,” Sue McGee admires this eye-fooling painting by Jose Luis Quinones
                  NOVA Exhibition, March 1976’

1976         Morning Exchange: “Green Peps, Oranges “Television Appearance with paintings, Channel 5, Friday, 5:30

1976         Midwest Art Magazine: “Art Review and multiple Photos," Claudia Roberts Trevithick, April 1976

1976         Bill Nehez: “Ten Cents a Bunch,” is an example of Photo Realism , 2nd Annual NOVA, March 12, 1976
1977         Tom Green: “He’s the Candy Man” Photograph, May 1977

1977         Jay Hoffman: “Quinones gave a lecture on his work at the 57th Cleveland Museum of Art,” November

1977         Dick Wooten: “57th May Show Abounds,” The Cleveland Press, November, 1977

1977         Garfield Leader Newpaper: “Ma Belle Wouldn’t Believe it!” May 26, 1977

1977         Quinones: Lecture on his art work,” New Gallery, Bellflower, Cleveland, Ohio

1978          Akron Venue: “Paintings by Jose Luis Quinones,”

1978         The Bulletin of The Cleveland Museum of Art: “Artificial Color, Artificial Flavor” May 1978

1978          Southern Allegenies Museum of Art: Invitational Painting Catalog inclusion, May 27, 1978

1978         Tom Green: “Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavor,” Photo , 59th May Show at C.M.A., May 1978

1979          Geraldine Wojno: “May Show Presents Variety,” Nova News

1979          Dick Wooten: “Eerie works turn Art Museum into a fantasy eye-land,” May 1979

1979          Tom Green: “Sweeter than Candy,”  May 1979

1978          Terry William Harris: “Sign Language,” The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio, May 24, 1978

1980         The Telegraph: “Jose Luis Quinones displays oil paintings,” November 18, 1980

1980          Victoria Donohoe: Art Critic, “A Fine Pair of Corporate Collections,” Philadelphia Inquirer
                  Newspaper, July 27, 1980

1980          Eva Heisler:  Art Critic, :Quality apparent in Ohioans' compositions," Columbus Dispatch,
                   August 1980             

1980          Quinones: “Open Studio,” September 28, 1980

1980          Dick Wooten: “Here’s Looking at You Babe,” Photograph, May 1980

1980         Cleveland Live Magazine: November 17, 1980

1980          The Telegraph: Quinones transcends the two dimensional surface…November 18, 1980

1980          Doris E. Brown: “Corporate Art Collection of 70’s lends itself to Ivy Halls of Academia,”
                  Princeton News, June 29, 1980

1980          Mary Laity: “Art as a Business,” The Princeton Spectrum, July 16, 1980

1980          Press Release: “Marietta Mainstreams Invitational,” February 28, 1980

1980          Press Release: “Evolving Collection of Contemporary Art,” Princeton University Art Museum

1980          1980 Ohio State Fine Arts Exhibition: Catalog. “Crushed Orange” Photo/Inclusion August 12.1980

1980          Eugenia Cook , Trenton Times: “Art Adorns Corporate Hallways,” July 30,1980

1981          45th Annual Midyear Show: Butler Institute of American Art, “Panestaking Job” June 28, 1981

1981           Jambor: Personal VIsions dominate the 45th Midyear Show, July 9, 1981

1981          Clyde Singer: “16 Artists Honored in Midyear, Youngstown Vindicator, “Panestaking Job,”
                   June 28, 1981

1981          The Dayton Institute of Art: “The Ohio Selection Invitational,” “Marilyn” March 21, 1981

1981          Butler Institute of American Art: Painstaking Job is a prize-winner in the Midyear,” Youngstown

1993          Richard Coreno: “Pro Sports come Alive on Canvas,” Art Review and Photo, Garfield-Maple Sun
                   Newspaper, Garfield Heights, Ohio, March 4, 1993

1996          J.V.W.Miller: “Akron Society of Artists Opens National Juried Art Show,” Art Review and Photo
                   of “ Basket of Eggs,” Akron Beacon Journal, August 7,1996

1997          The Ohio State Fine Arts Exhibition: “Artificial Color, Artificial Flavor,” August 1, 1997

1997          Dorothy Shinn Beacon Journal: “Painting evokes urge to touch” Art Review and Photos of “Things
1997         The Bath Country Journal: “Jose Luis Quinones Featured in Local Exhibit,”

1997         Garfield/ Maple Sun: “Members Show set by Art Group,” Garfield Heights, Ohio, May 15, 1997

1998          Karen Sandstorm, The Plain Dealer: Rousing Celebration of Pop Art’s Legacy, “Green Peps and
                   Cherikee Red,” March 10, 1998

1988          All Ohio 1988: Catalog Inclusion, The Canton Institute of Art, Canton, Ohio, September 17, 1988

2000          Artistas Hispanos del 2000: Artistic Statement and Photo, Cleveland, Ohio,

2000          64th National Midyear Exhibition: “Butler Institute of American Art,” Youngstown, Oh, June 2000 

2000          Press Release: The Intuitive Eye, “80 Works of the Greatest Names in the 20th Century ,”
                   October 2000...

2000  press release

2000         Bravo Magazine: “Cherikee Red Pop,” Fall 2000, Front Cover Volume 3, Issue 13, Toledo, Ohio

2004         Frederick Weisman Foundation: “Eclectic Eye,” Catalogue by Frederick R.Weisman Art Foundation
                  Art Review and Photo included. Los Angeles, California, 2004

2004         The Gambit: The Best of New Orleans, Art Review, The Eclectic Eye,

2005         Neo Show: “Real Pop Art,” Catalog, Photo July 10, 2005

2005         Steven Litt: NEO Show put local works in limelight,”

2008         David N. Dunkle: “View the Masters at Modern Art Exhibit,” Art Review and Photo, The Patriot
                  News, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, October 2, 2008

2011          Christopher Yates: Ohio State Art Exhibition, Columbus Dispatch, August 3, 2011               

2012          Press Release: Ohio State Art Exhibition Columbus Dispatch, June 14, 2012

2012           Visual Art Source: “Pop Culture: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation,”  
                   Photo and Art Review,  August 25, 2012

2013           Mana Contemporary: “Pop Culture,” September 23, 2013

2013          Palm Beach Pulse: On Line Art Review, Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, New Jersey,
                   December 28, 2013

2013          Pepperdine Celebrates Weisman Museum of Art’s 20th Anniversary with “Pop Culture” Exhibition,
           October 2, 2013      

2013          Summer Dawn Hortillosa: Jersey City Independents Arts Blog: “Pop Art Legends, Monumental
                   Sculpture & More Coming  to Mana Contemporary, September 26, 2013

2014          PBPulse: “Pop Culture: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, 
            2014 BOCA, Florida

2014          PBPulse: “Survey of leading pop artists on display at Boca Raton museum,” On-Line Art Review,
                    Boca Raton, Fla., February 1, 2014

2014          Gretel Sarmiento: "Pop Culture gives us what we really are," Palm Beach Pulse 
          Museum of Art, 
                    Boca Raton, Fla

2015           Best Creatives International Digital Exhibition      

2016           ART INFO Virtual Art Gallery, November 2016

2016           Miami Spectrum, Miami, Florida  December  2016

2017           New York Expo, New York City, New York  

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