“Having absorbed the total effect from a distance, it is fascinating to examine his work up close, knowing it is done with a brush and not a spray gun.” (Midwest Art Magazine, April 1976) Claudia Roberts Trevithick

​​​​"Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation Painting and Sculpture Exhibit" Representing over 40 years of collecting Modern and Contemporary Art, the Weisman Collection Exhibition includes over 80 works of the greatest names in the 20th century paintings and sculpture. Highlights of some of the artists work in all three museum galleries at the colleges are: Andy Warhol, George Segal, Joseph Cornell, Roy Lichtenstein, Edward Ruscha, Frank Stella, Ellsworth Kelly, Tony Berlant, Christo, Donald Judd, Ed Moses, Alex Katz, Jose Luis Quinones, Nan June Paik, and many more.” (Excerpt from FDIM Exhibition 2000)

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             ​               Jose Luis Quinones Painting Gallery 

                  ​Jose Luis Quinones Painting Gallery

“Wit, irony and humor are recurrent themes of Jose Luis Quinones’ Crushed Orange immense photorealist canvas of a crushed can of Orange Crush soda. In his hands, a brand name becomes a physical object, rendered with painstaking, meticulous realism.”  (Pepperdine University Magazine, August 2012)