2017          Reading Public Museum

                  Pop Culture Exhibition

                  Reading, Pennsylvania                

 2017          Artblend Gallery
                   Fort Lauderdale, Florida       

2016           Best International Creatives                        Art Quench  

2014            Independence Exhibition
                    Independence, Ohio

2014            Ohio State Exhibition
                    Columbus, Ohio
2014            Pop Culture Exhibition
                    Boca Museum of Art
                    Boca Raton, Florida

2013            Independence Exhibition
                    Independence, Ohio              

2012            Pop Culture Art
                    Pepperdine University
                    Malibu, California

2009            Susquehanna Art Museum
                    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

2008            Blue Line Gallery
                    Roseville, Gallery

                    Roseville, California

2007            Colorado Springs Fine                               Art Center
                    Colorado Springs, Colorado

2007            National Arts Exhibition
                    Kelly Randall Gallery
                    Cleveland, Ohio

2006            Pastel Society of America                           (34th)
                    New York City, New York

2005            Bakersfield Museum of Art
                    Bakersfield, California

2005            NEO Exhibition
                    Cleveland Museum of Art
                    Cleveland, Ohio

2005            The Eclectic Eye:

                    Selections from
                    Fredrick Weisman Collection
                    Malibu, California

2005            Solon Fine Arts Center
                    Solon, Ohio  

2004            New Orleans Museum of Art
                    New Orleans, Louisiana

2003            Harriet & Charles Luckman
                    Fine Arts Complex
                    Los Angeles, California

2003            Contemporary Arts Center 
                    Virginia Beach, Virginia

2002            Spring Odyssey Invitational
                    Walton Hills, Ohio (00)(01)

2001            Art Metro Grand Exhibition
                    Cleveland, Ohio

2000            Art in the Powerhouse
                    Artistes Del Hispanos
                    Cleveland, Ohio

2000            FIDM Galleries
                    Los Angeles, California

2000            Butler Institute American Art
                    Best in Show (1981)                                   (Th1981)(H.M. 1980)
                    Youngstown, Ohio

2000            Ohio State Juried Exhibition
                    Best in Show (1997)(1996)                       (1995)(1993)
                    (1989)(1988)(1987)                                   (1980) Third Place)
                    Cleveland, Ohio

1999            California Center for the Arts
                    Escondido, California

1998            Frederick Weisman                                     Art Museum
                    Malibu, California

1996            Grand Exposition
                    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

1988            Ohio Selection Invitational
                    Dayton, Ohio (1981)

1988            All Ohio Invitational
                    Canton, Ohio (1979)(1978)                       

1987            Musee d'Art et Histoire
                    Fribourg, Switzerland

1986            Museo Calouste Gulbenkian
                    Lisbon, Portugal

1986            Center National des Artes                         Plastiques
                    Paris, France

1986            American Center
                    Paris, France

1984            Honolulu Academy of  Arts
                    Hawaii, Hi, USA

1982            Oklahoma Museum of Art
                    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

1980            Mainstreams National
                    Best in Show (1976)
                    Marietta, Ohio

1979            Cleveland Museum of Art
                    Cleveland, Ohio

1978            Southern Allegheny Museum                     Invitational
                    Loretta, Pennsylvania

1975            Cleveland Realist Exhibition
                    Cleveland, Ohio
1975            Wooster Exhibition
                    Wooster, Ohio

1974            Exhibition 280
                    Purchase Award
                    Huntington, West Virginia

1973            Halliman Newman Exhibition
                    Honorable Mention
                    Cleveland, Ohio

​"Things Go Better With Coke"

​"Hot Rod Williams".

  In The Collection Of Thomas J. Coyne

​"Basket Of Eggs"       

​"Portrait Of A Portrait Painter"

​          Jose Luis Quinones Selected Exhibitions